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40 Of The Most Costly Mistakes Companies Have Ever Made

HizkiailJuly 25, 2021
FGO Stuart / Wikimedia Commons

The Titanic hit an iceberg on its first voyage, which sank the ship and carried 1,500 people with it. In addition, the loss of the ship cost about 7.5 million dollars (which corresponds to about 150 million euros in today’s currency).

Snow lemur

And as you’d expect, the repairs were extremely expensive – the project cost $ 135 million to work on!


While it might be argued that there may have been a fire, it seems like far too much foam to suggest someone accidentally did it. Unless it was done on purpose to simulate clouds!


When the lower car flooded, it was pulled up and smashed the upper car in the process. A destroyed car is bad enough – imagine the cost of repairing both of them!


This small car drove way too close to the school bus and the bus obviously didn’t know that anyone was behind it because as it reversed it crushed the small car. And the shape of the silver car only made things worse.


The truck was loaded with a crane and as you can see the crane split this house in half. Let’s just hope no one was in when it happened.


We’re not sure which genius thought it would be a good idea to leave this Mercedes this close to the water, but lo and behold, the tide came and the car half sank in the sand. Next time you better park in the parking lot when you go swimming!


With the tangled and muddy wires, it is pretty clear that the internet cables are not working and cannot be made working anytime soon. What do you think how much it will cost to fix the cables?


Since these towers are extremely heavy, we’re not really sure how that happened, but either way, it’s going to be a massive cleanup project and cost a ton of money. Maybe next time people should be more careful.


Unfortunately, a maintenance worker accidentally activated a Vulcan cannon, and the F-16 happened to be on the runway at the time. The fighter jet caught fire and you can guess the rest.


The guy who did this wanted to sanitize his money, but microwaves sure aren’t the way to go. What a huge waste of money!