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40 Hilarious Coincidences You Won’t Believe Happened

HizkiailJuly 1, 2021
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Did they know that the cups looked like their pants before going to the coffee shop?

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“Shoot, I knew I shouldn’t have worn this outfit today.”- The girl in the back

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Maybe leave the spikey frosted tips for the porcupines.

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It’s funny that they all decided to sit near each other as well.

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It is funny that he wore it to a place that uses the cups with that pattern.

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If this was their intention, it is actually a genius idea.

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It is either that or the bus driver told them all to look at the the car driving next to them. You be the judge.

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Maybe they are twins and that is why they are sleeping in the same position.

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If they don’t live together, it is a strange coincidence that they would both choose to wear this outfit.

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This pretty kitty knows how to show off her best angles, including the one on her side.

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They probably planned this out, but it is still a strange coincidence.

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Did every banana slice look like this cute little pup or was it just this one?

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Now he has to sing “Everything is Awesome,” just to make this more perfect.

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This is the kind of coincidence that happens when you get a bunch of sorority girls in the same room.

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She could use these as clip-on bangs!

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Some coincidences are too good to not take a picture of.

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They must subconsciously love this pattern. It blends in perfectly with the seat.

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They might misplace their lunch if they look away for a minute.

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Did they copy the sidewalk or did the sidewalk copy them?

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These perfectly spaced bushed could honestly be mistaken for some interesting tire skins.

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Her head completely blends in with the chairs; she is on incognito mode.

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Maybe he is the real-life Mario, and he is finally revealing himself.

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If their car was also yellow that would be an extremely strange coincidence.

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Another day, another doppelganger found.

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Those are some very unique shoes that happen to blend perfectly.