30 Top-Ranking Direct-To-Consumer Brands Of 2019

By Shannon
30 Top-Ranking Direct-To-Consumer Brands Of 2019

With e-commerce getting bigger every year, there are many companies that decide to do everything on their own. Nowadays, it is possible to sell your products directly to customers online, rather than trying to win over buyers at department stores.

These are called “direct-to-consumer brands,” and they are completely disrupting the retail industry. Here are some of the top-ranking brands of 2019.

Bombas sells high-quality socks. Credit: Business Insider

30. Bombas

Co-founders Randy Goldberg and David Heath were working at a startup when they learned that the number one most requested items at homeless shelters were socks. They wanted to give back, but also make a product that people love. So in 2013, they launched a company called Bombas, which sells nothing but high-quality socks in all different shapes, colors, and sizes. 

Bombas has a lot of different styles of socks. Credit: Triple Pundit

Right from the get-go, they guaranteed that for every pair of socks you buy from Bombas, they will donate a pair to someone in need. And if you decide to return your socks to Bombas, they will take them back if you wash them first because they will be donated to a homeless person. If this sounds familiar, it’s because the shoe company TOMS did it first, by donating pairs of shoes to children in third world countries. Clearly, this method works. After advertising that they had the goal of donating one million pairs of socks that year, this startup quickly grew to a $100 million company.