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30+ Photos That Prove You Should Never Believe What You See on Social Media

HizkiailJuly 25, 2021

This whole photo is one candid moment! The photographer has such a genuine smile with a look of amusement from the fox. Speaking of amusement look, look at the way the fox is smelling and staring at the lens!


But there is no lava current or Mount Doom for that matter. We are not sure what is more impressive here, the picture or the way the set was made.


When you look at this picture you would think this was taken in the early morning when there still no tourists around. But who could have guessed that there is a crowd of people right next to the couple? This is what angle perspective is all about.


But the end result is elegance. Just look at that perfectly positioned Versace perfume bottle making those ripples in the water! And that Medusa logo staring right at you with the reflection in the water. This is one classy picture if you ask us.


The candle glass and the pines add so much coziness. You can almost smell the dry anise flower and the cinnamon in this picture. And the condensed milk on the edge of the fork… Just pure yummy looking picture!


But this photographer made just that. The angle he chose to take the picture from is just perfect. It cut out half of the surroundings that made the setup look horrible and produced this beauty.


The water drops even appear to be the same shape as the colorful candy itself. If you love Skittles, you should be craving them right about now just by looking at this picture.


Just look at all of that colored cotton suspended from the top. Hanging up all of that must of been one tidiest task. But the result is really beautiful. We salute the photographer for the patience and creativity it took to make this set.